Breast Cancer

If we determine that we have detected what is likely to be breast cancer, Dr. Kohn can make recommendations for your treatment.

The idea of having breast cancer can be terrifying. If you think you may have this issue or simply would like to get screened, you need a reliable diagnosis from a doctor you can trust. Kohn Medical & Weight Loss provides accurate mammograms in a safe, confidential, environment that is both caring and professional. We see both women and men, who can also develop this concern and must take it equally seriously.

How Do I Know if I Have Breast Cancer?

You may first suspect breast cancer if you detect what feels like an abnormal lump in one of your breasts. This may be a benign tumor, or it may be nothing, but it could also be a cause for major concern, which is why you will want to investigate further as soon as possible.

The only way to know for sure is to undergo a mammogram. A mammogram is a harmless procedure that we perform in our office at Kohn Medical & Weight Loss. It is basically an X-ray of the breast that will indicate to us whether you need to be concerned about a possible cancer diagnosis.

What Is the Treatment for This Issue?

If we determine that we have detected what is likely to be cancer, Dr. Kohn can make recommendations for your treatment. Treatments for this condition typically include chemotherapy and radiation, and in some cases, may require a mastectomy to remove the cancerous breast.

Dr. Kohn may also offer diet and lifestyle recommendations to help keep you as healthy as possible while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.


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Where Can I Get Screened for Breast Cancer in Las Vegas?

When you are concerned about breast cancer, you want a doctor who is a caring professional and takes the time to understand your needs. Read some of the testimonials on our website from our satisfied patients and you will see that Dr. Kohn is that doctor. He will listen to your fears and concerns and help guide you through your journey back to good health. To schedule a mammogram, click the appointment button and submit a request online or call us today at 702-487-6500.

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