Kohn Body Sculpting Club

Club membership is for people who are serious about permanent fat reduction that can change their lives.

What Is the Kohn Body Sculpting Club?

The Kohn Body Sculpting Club is designed for patients who understand the amazing benefits to your body possible with multiple SculpSure® treatments. Your annual membership dues get you access to unlimited body sculpting treatments with SculpSure® over a 12-month period for a low copay fee per procedure, covering as many as four treatment areas. This is a great option for those who may want more than two treatments for a given area or who are looking to remove stubborn fat for good in multiple areas. Club membership is for people who are serious about permanent fat reduction that can change your life.

Starting Cost: $249
4 treatments: $2999 (Comes with 50% off the weight loss program)

  • Initial Consultation to review history and physical exam
  • EKG
  • 8 weeks of diet shots 
  • Weekly weigh-ins are at patients’ convenience, no appointments needed
  • Visits include monitoring of vitals, weight and diet shot
  • 1 month of medication


Is the Kohn Body Sculpting Club Right for Me?

At Kohn Medical & Weight Loss, our priority is pairing you with the program that is right for you. SculpSure® is not for everyone, and the Body Sculpting Club may not be your best option. If you are a good candidate for multiple SculpSure® treatments, however, this is a fantastic deal that could enable you to make incredibly positive changes in your body on your budget.

The best candidates for the Kohn Body Sculpting club are those with a BMI over 25 who have multiple target areas with large pockets of fat they wish to eliminate. If you are only looking to remove a little fat from one or two areas and do not anticipate needing more than the standard two treatments, Body Sculpting Club may not be your most cost-effective option. At your initial consultation, we will help you determine the best option for your budget and your body, taking into account your medical history, expectations, and goals for treatment.

Characteristics of the Kohn Body Sculpting Club Member may include any or all of the following:

  • Wishes to target multiple areas for fat removal, like arms, back, thighs and abdomen
  • Expects to need more than the standard two treatments
  • Has a BMI higher than 25, usually around 30, with a broad physique

Keep in mind that body sculpting is for targeted fat reduction in key areas. If you need overall weight loss, Dr. Kohn can put you on a custom Kohn Weight Loss Program that includes diet and exercise suggestions, diet shots and vitals monitoring. If you need both Body Sculpting and overall weight loss, you can enjoy 50 percent off your weight loss program when you join the Kohn Body Sculpting Club.

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How Does the Kohn Body Sculpting Club Work?

The plan is simple. Come in for a consultation, and if we determine this is the right program for you, you will pay your membership fee upfront (before the first treatment) and be officially signed up for the Club. Before we sign you up, you must commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, following suggested diet and exercise recommendations and closely follow all pre and post-treatment instructions, for your entire membership period.

  • For a $2,999 initial membership fee, you get access to SculpSure® in up to four treatment areas ($4,560 without membership). 
  • After your first treatment, you get unlimited additional treatments for 12 months for a xxxx copay ($1,140 without membership). (<–Need cost of copay here)
  • You can have up to two treatments on each visit, with treatment for each area performed six weeks apart.

Why Should I Join the Kohn Body Sculpting Club?

If you have a higher BMI with multiple areas of stubborn fat that you want to permanently eliminate, and you need a cost-effective way to do it, there is no better way than by joining the Kohn Body Sculpting Club. SculpSure® will create dramatic fat reduction results for your body without surgery and without downtime. Each treatment destroys up to 24 percent of targeted fat cells, so by the time your year is up, you can only imagine how incredibly sculpted the new you will look.

To get started, or for more information about the Club or any of Kohn Medical & Weight Loss’s other fat reduction and weight loss services, call 702-487-6500 now.

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