Lifestyle Recommendations

Lifestyle recommendations are changes in lifestyle that are recommended to you in order to help you achieve your health goals, such as weight loss.

Looking great, losing weight and maintaining your health are goals that are not always easy to meet, but if you do meet them, you can expect to be a happier person who lives a longer, more fulfilling life. While medication and aesthetic services like SculpSure® can help with fat reduction, staying healthy and keeping your body in shape will require more effort in some part. How you manage this effort usually manifests itself in lifestyle changes.


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What Are Lifestyle Recommendations?

Lifestyle recommendations are changes in lifestyle that are recommended order to help you achieve your health goals, such as weight loss. These recommendations usually include changing your diet and exercise habits. The problem with most lifestyle recommendations is that it is hard to know which ones you can trust. At Kohn Medical & Weight Loss, your lifestyle recommendations are provided by Dr. Ronald J. Kohn, a primary care physician and weight loss specialist. Dr. Kohn makes those recommendations based on proven science and a personal examination that allows him to tailor his advice to your unique needs.

How Can Kohn Medical & Weight Loss Help Me?

Whether you are coming into Kohn Medical & Weight Loss to lose weight, look better, or address general health concerns, we can help. Men and women of varying ages from all over Las Vegas come to Dr. Kohn for his wellness exams. In these exams, Dr. Kohn assesses your overall health, evaluates risk factors for chronic disease, and performs or schedules any screening tests he deems necessary. At this time, Dr. Kohn can also put you on a weight loss program, offer medication counseling, and make recommendations that are customized to your body and your goals.

How Can I Get Reliable Lifestyle Recommendations in Las Vegas?

Lifestyle recommendations will be a part of your initial consultation with Dr. Kohn and may be adjusted with every wellness exam if necessary. Dr. Kohn will meet with you and examine you to determine a program and lifestyle recommendations that will be effective. To schedule your consultation, click to submit our online form or call us today at 702-487-6500.

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