Heart Disease

Heart disease is commonly known as the “silent killer” because you may not notice any symptoms until it is too late.

The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. This is true of both men and women. While in some cases this issue may be a result of genetic factors or random chance, it often results from or is exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices like smoking or unhealthy eating.

What Is Heart Disease?

Heart disease can cover a variety of cardiovascular illnesses, including coronary and congenital heart disease, heart attack, and congestive heart failure. All of these cover situations where the heart is unable to inadequately pump blood to the body. If the heart is damaged and cannot function, the body will quickly die. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your likelihood of a serious heart event like a heart attack.

How Do I Know if I Have Heart Disease?

Heart disease is commonly known as the “silent killer” because you may not notice any symptoms until it is too late. The only way to know if you are in danger of this condition is through proper testing. When you come to Kohn Medical & Weight Loss for a physical examination, we will perform a full battery of tests, including blood tests and an EKG, to determine the condition of your heart.

What Is the Treatment for This Condition?

If Dr. Kohn determines that you have or are at risk for heart problems, he may prescribe medications designed to lower blood pressure or reduce cholesterol. If your issue appears to be a function of your weight, he will develop a weight loss program designed to help you lose weight safely, quickly and effectively. Dr. Kohn offers proven medical weight loss programs that typically involve metabolism boosting and appetite suppressing diet shots, a healthy diet plan and exercise recommendations.


Man and woman living free of heart disease

Where Can I Get Help With Heart Disease in Las Vegas?

Dr. Kohn wants to help you keep your heart healthy so that you can live a long, happy life. To get your complete examination and weight loss program, fill out the form below to request an appointment or call Kohn Medical & Weight Loss at 702-487-6500.

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