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Kohn Medical & Weight Loss provides quality men’s health care in a welcoming, understanding, professional environment.

Professional, High-Quality Men’s Health Care In Las Vegas

Traditionally, men do not take care of their health as much as women. They tend to smoke and drink more, make more unhealthy lifestyle choices, and put off seeing a doctor for longer. This means that certain conditions that affect men mostly or exclusively can become very hazardous before they seek treatment. Kohn Medical & Weight Loss provides quality men’s health care in a welcoming, understanding, professional environment so men of all ages can look and feel their best.


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What Is Men’s Health?

Men’s health addresses specific areas of health that tend to affect men only or predominantly, and usually includes screening for health risks like prostate cancer, colon cancer and heart disease. Sexual issues like erectile dysfunction can also be addressed. At Kohn Medical & Weight Loss, we are experienced with all areas of men’s health, and can perform your screenings and diagnoses, as well as offer treatment recommendations in a safe, confidential, comfortable environment.

Why Choose Kohn Medical & Weight Loss?

Dr. Ronald J. Kohn is a family care practitioner with years of medical experience who is practiced at managing both men’s and women’s health issues. He will give you a thorough examination, including whatever screenings are required, and develop a treatment plan based on your health needs and goals. In addition to primary care functions like preventive screenings, medication management, and wellness exams, Kohn Medical & Weight Loss can help men with aesthetic issues, including offering SculpSure® for men’s body contouring.

How Can I Get Men’s Health Care in Las Vegas with Kohn Medical & Weight Loss?

For the expert, professional, compassionate health care men need in Las Vegas, contact Kohn Medical & Weight Loss to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Kohn takes the time to get to know each patient, ensuring that each health or weight loss plan is individually customized. Take charge of your health right now. It’s easy to book online by requesting an appointment below or just calling us at 702-487-6500.

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