Primary Care

Primary care is comprehensive health care. Dr. Kohn wants to preserve your existing health and prevent chronic disease.

Having a quality primary care medical provider is the key to staying healthy, preventing disease, and living the longest life possible. Ronald J. Kohn, MD, of Kohn Medical & Weight Loss in Las Vegas, offers comprehensive primary care support that identifies signs of potential health problems and determines your risk of disease and develops a customized plan to promote wellness.


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What Is Primary Care Medicine?

Primary care is comprehensive health care. Dr. Kohn wants to preserve your existing health and prevent chronic disease. He can diagnose and treat acute or chronic illnesses so that you avoid complications or progression of existing conditions. Part of primary medical care involves annual wellness exams. These are critical in preventing health conditions because they allow Dr. Kohn to catch signs of problems in their earliest stages.

What Kind of Medical Services Can I Get at Kohn Medical & Weight Loss?

In addition to physical examinations, wellness exams and weight loss counseling in order to promote good health, Dr. Kohn can identify conditions that may interfere with your quality of life, such as heart disease, diabetes and sleep apnea and offer medications and recommendations to help you manage them.

Other services offered at Kohn Medical & Weight Loss include blood pressure screenings, mammograms, colonoscopies, vaccinations, flu care and more. After examining you, Dr. Kohn can provide you with a range of recommendations to optimize your health.

How Can I Get Primary Care Services in Las Vegas With Kohn Medical & Weight Loss?

Dr. Kohn is ready to meet to consult with you and assess your primary care needs. We see both men and women of a variety of ages and will work with you to help you stay healthy and make sure all your health care goals are met. We work with a range of insurance providers, and accept most PPOs, Medicaid, Medicare and Aetna HMO. If you have questions about your health care, or you’d like to schedule a general physical examination or wellness exam, call the office at 702-487-6500 or use our form to book conveniently online today.

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