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When traditional weight-loss programs have failed you, don’t give up. Weight-loss physician Ronald J. Kohn, MD, provides customized weight-loss plans at Kohn Medical & Weight Loss in Las Vegas to help you lose weight quickly, effectively, and safely. His medically supervised program includes injections, weekly visits, and counseling to help you drop pounds for good. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn how you can finally, successfully lose weight with diet shots and other strategies.

Diet Shots Q & A

What are the benefits of a medical weight-loss program that includes diet shots?

You may have trouble losing weight using a one-size-fits-all weight-loss plan. You feel you lack the willpower to stick to a low-calorie diet or maintain a vigorous exercise schedule. In some cases, your metabolism rebels and makes it impossible for you to drop pounds.

A medical weight-loss program helps you overcome plateaus with a customized plan that works with your preferences and genetic makeup. Dr. Kohn offers medications, shots, and lifestyle changes to help you jumpstart weight loss.

Plus, a medical weight-loss program gives you access to a skilled family practitioner who can help you manage health complications that result from your overweight or obese status. These complications include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

What diet shots are available for weight loss?

Dr. Kohn can help you lose weight by administering injections that are safe and effective. These include a vitamin B complex shot that boosts your energy and stimulates your metabolism, helping you shed unwanted pounds.

You also receive an appetite suppressant, which helps you take in fewer calories and reduce cravings. You want to lose weight, but sometimes your hunger gets the best of you. Diet shots offered by Dr. Kohn assist you in curbing your appetite so you can persevere through a weight-loss plan successfully.

Diet shots also include a metabolic stimulant to boost your energy levels. This helps you do all the things you need to do -- including work and daily chores -- as you lose weight and do them while feeling your best. You won’t feel tired, sluggish, or exceptionally hungry, which can get in the way of your ability to stick to a diet plan.

Are diet shots safe?

Dr. Kohn performs an entire health review and physical exam before prescribing a specific weight-loss plan. He considers your current health, weight, and goals when customizing your diet, medications, and shots. He also has you undergo an electrocardiogram (EKG) to make sure your heart is healthy enough to tolerate a metabolic boost from the shots.

To learn how you can accelerate weight loss with specific diet shots, call Kohn Medical & Weight Loss or schedule a consult online.